Butadiene Analyzer on Agilent GC 8890

    A single instrument solution that determines composition and specific impurities in 1,3-Butadiene,Crude C4 and Raffinate. The analyzer is configured on Agilent 8890 GC with dual channel simultaneous LGI and LSV/GSV injection.

Analysis Scope;

- ASTM D2593 Hydrocarbon composition and impurities of 1,3 Butadiene
- ASTM D4424 Composition of Crude C4 and Raffinates
- ASTM D2426 Dimer and Styrene Content of 1,3 Butadiene concentrates
- DVLS Application  TBC Inhibitor, BHT Inhibitor, NMP, Toluene, DMF, impurities, Residue

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