Refinery Gas Analyzers


Analyzer is based upon the flexible, reliable Agilent 8890 GC configured with dedicated columns, valves, inlet and detectors. The multi-channel configuration allows to inject the gas samples into the separate channels at the same time.

Application Range

The Refinery Gas Analyzer determines:

• C1 – C5 Hydrocarbons
• C6+ Hydrocarbons
• Permanent gases:
                 Carbon Monoxide
                 Carbon Dioxide
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Extended refinery gas analysis up to BTEX (optional)
• Customized gas components (optional)


•Fully automated sample’s stream selection, up to 32 samples in a batch. This enable the high throughput analysis for QA/QC process.
•The multi-external oven was designed by Chrome Analytical  for all packed Columns and valves station.
•Upgradable the inline vaporizer for liquefied sample with customized temperature control
•Reduce down time with Build-in column self regeneration
•All channels operate simultaneously to provide a fast gas analysis in less than 7 minutes.
Standard Methods Compliance
Samples                             Test Method
Refinery Gases
                                           • ASTM D1946, D2504, D7833
                                           • DIN51666
                                           • EN 15984
                                           • UOP539, UOP603
                                           • ASTM D2163, D2593, D4424
                                           • IP 405
                                           • ISO 7941, EN27941
Gas Calculations
                                           • ASTM D2598, D3588
                                           • EN 589
                                           • ISO 8973
Gas Calculation
The Agilent GC is controlled by Agilent OpenLab software. The DVLS PetroReporter software automates all aspects of the calibration, gas analysis through customized data reporting such as Calorific and/or BTU Value, Density, Average Molar Mass etc.

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